Make: Peugeot
Model: 308
First Registration: 2009
Body Color: Grey
Body: Sedans
Nr. of Doors: 5
Nr. of Seats: 5
Gearing Type: Semi-automatic
Gears: 6
Displacement: 1,560 cc
Cylinders: 4
Weight: 1,409 kg

Peugeot is striving to match the class leaders for quality with the 308 – the first car of the ‘8’ generation. It shares many parts with the older 307, which is evident in the styling – the newer model looks little different from the car it replaces but it’s been overhauled inside with a hugely improved cabin that feels upmarket. If you can look past the bland looks the 308 offers decent handling – although the steering feels a little over assisted.

Overall, while certain elements of the 308 have improved, the Peugeot shares too much with the 307 and rivals offer more style and driver appeal. The refreshed version has a less in-yer-face face, and with introduction of the stop/start on the e-HDi version it offers affordable running costs.


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